Alex Balishyan began his career in tailoring and designs since he was 14 years old. Throughout his life Alex has been doing what he loves the most tailor and design custom clothing. His extensive experience involves manufacturing fashion apparel, custom suits, leather jackets and coats.

For many years owned a clothing manufacturing company in Moscow, Russia that specialized in men’s suits, sports apparel and fine leather jackets. In 1996 Alex decided to move to Los Angeles and continue his tailoring and design career in the United States.

For the past many years in United States Alex has been tailoring and altering men’s, women’s and kids clothing. Located in the heart of Hollywood Alex has created a very broad client base including everyday people, business executives and celebrities. His expert skills and knowledge in the world of fashion has made thousands of customers very happy and satisfied.

Whether you have an expensive designer piece or not after few touches of Alex’s hands your clothing will look like it came off a podium. Knowledge and experience is the key in the world of custom tailoring and design.

Come to Hollywood Tailors by Alex and see for yourself.
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